QWO is a prescription medicine that treats mild to severe cellulite in women’s buttocks. It’s FDA approved and goes deep within the skin layers to treat cellulite at its roots. Ditch over-the-counter creams, which provide temporary improvements. QWO uses an advanced technique to diminish cellulite. The method injects enzymes targeting cellulite’s fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells, and producing new collagen.

The pros of this treatment include:

Did you know? About 9 out of 10 women get cellulite. 

The Treatment

QWO is comprised of enzymes called collagenases. These enzymes target the structural causes beneath the skin where cellulite is produced, and it begins to release the fibrous bands. This treatment smooths the buttock dimple’s appearance for a youthful renewal. Why do you have cellulite? The fibrous connective tissue thickens and forms dimples as your skin thins, and the fat cells enlarge. We’ll determine a customized treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals at your initial consultation. We mark the targeted area and administer the injections in ten minutes or less during the procedure. We recommend getting three treatments in twenty-one-day intervals.

The severity of your cellulite will determine the cost of your treatment. Packages cost between $1800-$3200 for 12-24 cellulite dimples to be treated at each session. Packages allow us to treat to complete for the best results.

FAQs :

The injectable cellulite treatment is administered within the buttocks. 
You’ll see visible cellulite reduction within four weeks of your first injection. 
The results last up to one year. 
Yes. You might get tenderness and moderate bruising. These symptoms fade within a few days. The injection weakens the blood vessels, causing excess blood to absorb into the tissue. The second and third procedures produce little to no bruising. You may take arnica tablets one week before the procedure to prevent bruising. 



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