What is QWO cellulite treatment? How does QWO work?

What is QWO cellulite treatment How does QWO work

Even though summer is not yet around the corner, the beach always calls us for a vacation! That is why wearing a two-piece and a bathing suit is a must. Who would not want to rock a summer #ootd while enjoying the vitamin sea? However, most women could not enjoy wearing the proper outfit and flaunting their skin because of the cellulite appearance that seems to be an untreatable condition. But advancements in Science and technology have created a solution, so cellulite would no longer be a problem! We are introducing the QWO treatment! 

What is QWO?

QWO is the first ever injectable that the Food and Drug Administration approves for treating cellulite. It is a prescription medicine that aims to treat mild to severe cellulite in one of the women’s critical areas – the buttocks. It penetrates the skin layers to address cellulite on its roots effectively. 

Experts recommend choosing QWO rather than over-the-counter creams because the process uses advanced treatment to eliminate cellulite. It injects enzymes that target fibrous cellulite bands, triggering the redistribution of fat cells and encouraging the production of new collagen. 

But before digging deeper into what QWO is, it is also essential to know what it treats and what causes it. 

Cellulite: According to skin analysts, cellulite results from three things combined: loose skin, fat cells, and thick fibrous bands, and over 90% of women experience cellulite anywhere on their bodies in their lifetime. 

Cellulite looks like lumpy and dimpled flesh on the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, which is why several women get rid of it. Although cellulite is harmless and routine, it is a normal fat underneath your skin. However, it causes embarrassment to most. 

How does QWO work? 

QWO disrupts the fibrous septae, the primary cause of cellulite creation. It injects enzymes called collagenases and penetrates the skin for new collagen production. The treatment also smooths out the buttock dimple’s appearance for a youthful renewal appearance. 

What is the procedure for QWO? 

The procedure starts with your provider cleansing your face and administering the injections directly into cellulite dimples on the buttocks without anesthesia. Some patients testify to feeling slight pinching or itching sensation. After a few minutes of treatment, you can notice bruising and swelling, which will not affect your day. 

What are the Pros and Cons of the QWO procedure? 

Although QWO promises efficient cellulite treatment, it has pros and cons which you might consider before trying. 


Some of QWO pros include the following: 

  • It is a non-surgical treatment clinically and professionally proven to reduce cellulite appearance. 
  • It has a quick procedure because it is administered in ten minutes or less. 
  • The improvements are achieved in ten weeks.  


On the other hand, QWO has the following cons:

  • You will receive dozens of needle pokes. 
  • It is not for everyone, especially patients with bleeding abnormalities. 
  • The treatment is also not ideal for patients who are pregnant and breastfeeding. 
  • It can also affect patients who are allergic to any ingredients in the injection. 
  • QWO treatment is also not for people with an infection in treatment areas. 

Above all these, you must consider talking to your professional during an initial consultation to negotiate and discuss if the treatment is for you. Otherwise, the procedure can cause serious side effects. 

Treatment areas and side effects 

The Food and Drug Administration approves QWO to be administered in the buttocks area. 

Regarding the side effects, there are possible moderate bruising and tenderness. It can also impose a severe allergic reaction like anaphylaxis. However, these side effects will dissipate within a few days, and you can return to your routine after the injections. 

It is vital to know that the injection weakens the blood vessels, which causes the blood to absorb into the tissue. On your subsequent QWO sessions, you can experience little to no bruising. Your provider can recommend tablets good for a week to prevent bruising. 

How is QWO different from other products? 

As mentioned, several experts recommend the usage of QWO instead of products available in the market because the number one reason is that it is non-surgical. The treatments on the market available involve surgical procedure which targets fibrous septae like Cellulaze and Cellfina. We all know that surgical procedures require dramatic downtime and are a painful and imprecise experience. 

Compared to a QWO treatment which only involves small needle injections without anesthesia or downtime. It also only takes about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. According to professionals who have done QWO, patients keep returning because the procedure gives excellent results without surgery. 

Safety, Recovery, Longevity, and Results 

Aside from being FDA-approved, QWO has also been tested and studied by thousands of patients. From the findings, it is safe, like other cosmetic injectables, with no adverse or severe side effects. 

Regarding the recovery time, typical bruising and other side effects may be a week or two after the treatment or even a few days depending on the patient’s adaptation to the treatment. Some patients took ibuprofen and Tylenol to alleviate mild to moderate soreness. Some blogs also claim that there is no downtime after QWO treatment because you can continue your whereabouts, even going to the gym. 

The results of the QWO treatment are no joke because their effects can last up to a year! Additionally, these results will still improve over time. 

You can also be satisfied with the results because these will show up about four weeks after the first injection. Although improvements are still seen in the following weeks, the number of treatments varies per patient. 

If you desire a quality and affordable QWO service, Arabella Boutique Med Spa is on the go! Dedicated to providing facial and body aesthetics, it ensures the latest treatments for cosmetic injectables and enhancements. 

Flaunting your skin should not be embarrassing anymore with QWO treatment! Contact the best medical spa in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, and slay that bathing suit on your next beach vacation! 

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