What to Know About Kybella

What to Know About Kybella

Many people would agree that getting rid of stubborn fat lumps is complex and takes time. However, sometimes, hard work through proper diet and exercise may not work as intended. This makes some people irritated due to the lack of progress of their hard work, and on top of that, these fat lumps make them self-conscious about their appearance. If none of these methods work, perhaps it’s time to consider Kybella. 

Why Shedding Fat Deposits Through Efforts May Fail

Medical experts generally agree that the surest way to achieve a healthy and fit body is through proper diet and exercise. While that is a true statement, that doesn’t give an accurate picture—many more aspects can contribute to a fit profile body, not just proper diet and exercise. That’s why, even through sheer efforts, the ideal body profile isn’t quite reachable. 

It’s not an understatement how much proper diet and exercise can contribute to a slim profile, but it just doesn’t work that way for some people. Studies have demonstrated that many aspects can cause fat deposits to persist, and one of these central aspects is genetics. You can see why some people have double chins despite their slim body shape. 

There’s no fighting with genetics, is there? The good news is that you have options to remove these fat deposits, even through non-invasive means. A non-invasive treatment that can help address these fat lumps is called Kybella. 

But before you try Kybella, here is what you should know about the treatment first:

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable cosmetic treatment that promises to reduce fat in your neck, chin, and jawline. The main ingredient of its formula is deoxycholic acid, the same acid in your stomach. Its procedure is straightforward, taking only 10 minutes or less, depending on how many injections and sites need addressing. 

Aestheticians typically use Kybella on moderate to severe fat deposits on the neck and chin areas in the submental fat layer. While it does help reduce fat deposits, Kybella is typically only recommended when you have a consistent weight. Kybella can’t help you address fat lumps if you are otherwise gaining weight. Consult with your provider and see if you are applicable for the treatment or not. 


Typically, you had to resort to surgical procedures such as liposuction to remove fat. But due to Kybella, you won’t have to, and all you need are simple injections that take a few minutes. These injections are not painful either. 

You won’t have to worry about its safety either; FDA approved the treatment back in November 2015. Many clinics now offer Kybella at a reasonable price for reducing fat lumps, and most people use Kybella for double chin concerns. The best part about Kybella is that it doesn’t require much downtime and recovery like a surgical procedure—you can continue your daily routine as soon as you are out of the clinic!

Need to remove fat lumps? Pick which body area needs fixing, and your provider will see to it it gets done. 

Kybella’s Secret Ingredient

Kybella treatment uses deoxycholic acid to melt the fat lumps in the submental area and gets the job done. But how did they come up with this exceptional ingredient? Actually, the acid itself is nothing new, but what’s new is how researchers use it in a way that can be used safely for the submental fat area. 

How Deoxycholic Acid Works

Deoxycholic acid is created in your liver and then stored in the gallbladder. Your body needs this acid to break down lipids, which are fat proteins found in your food. The acid also helps regulate cholesterol levels in your system, moving excess cholesterol from the blood into the intestine to be thrown out as a waste product. 

Understanding the properties of deoxycholic acid, medical experts then researched how it can be safely be used on your skin’s submental fat areas. Soon enough, they developed the approaches that were considered safe, and they could even make a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid. Thanks to their efforts, your provider can use the acid to target specific points underneath the skin to target fat cells without affecting other cells. 

However, the acid cannot melt all the fat away; as evidenced when we overeat, we still get fat. 

Naturally-Occurring Acid

Deoxycholic acid is native to our bodies, especially abundant in your stomach and busy melting lipids. So once administering this acid into your body, your body shouldn’t react negatively to it. Your immune system won’t be hostile and act up, which can potentially reduce the effects of the acid.

Since the acid is native to our bodies, you likely don’t have allergic responses or complications stemming from the acid reactions. 

The fat melting action is very similar to what is happening in your stomach. However, the acid will take time to dissolve and break down fat cells. Results are not as instant compared to surgical procedures. 

Benefits Of Kybella

Once you’ve used Kybella, your body profile will change. You will change just like how weight loss changes you, but it may not be as significant as that. After six sessions and the next 2 to 3 months, you will notice how dramatic the results are. 

Here are also other benefits of Kybella:

Permanent Results

Kyeblla dissolves the fat cells in the submental fat layer. When administering Kybella, the deoxycholic acid attacks the fat cells, dismantling and dissolving them slowly. Once broken down, the body absorbs them and then wash them out of your system. No new fat cells will replace the old ones. 

Look Healthier And Younger

Fat deposits make you look unhealthy and older than you really are. One of the signs of aging is sagging and loose skin, which can also cause a double chin. Other people will immediately perceive that you look healthier and younger by removing these fat deposits. 


Kybella can bring home so many positive changes in your body, so if you have any fat lumps troubling you, contact our clinic Arabella Boutique Med Spa. We offer services that help our patients address aesthetic skin concerns. 

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